" In this era of globalization, the parameters of education have changed and broadened to a large extent. Book learning is no longer the accepted norm. We at S.D. Public School, endeavour to provide an all round development and sound moral base both, in the disciplined confines of the class room and the energetic sports sessions. "

S.D. Public School comprises of two academic blocks – Junior Wing and Senior Wing. the Junior Wing has Pre-Primary and Primary classes from I to IV. The Senior Wing has classes from V to XII.

Our flowering buds, barely three, are bewildered and hesitant to leave the warm surroundings at home but they walk into Sheiling House and are totally absorbed into its welcoming arms feeling safe and assured.

The peaceful environment, the greenery all around, smiling teachers, energetic students – the world is vibrant with colourful hues where there is room for growth in all the fields – educational, social and physical.

Students from P.G. to class IV all come together and absorb this constant flow of knowledge.

The teachers use play way, child friendly methods in the pre-primary sections, whereas classes I to IV are more subject based but quite modern with the aid of e-teaching.

Fun Toot the answer to their mathematical hurdles emphasizing on clear concepts and lots of practice.

Music, Art and Games are our children’s constant companions with great emphasis on the development of their artistic skills.

In the Senior Wing we aim at nurturing the inquisitive spirit of the children and encourage their scientific temperament enabling them to reach their fullest potential.

Whether it is at examinations, drama, debates, quiz, music or sports, we aim to produce eminent personalities who shall carve a special niche for themselves in their personal and professional lives.